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Trusting Red Rocket Realty for nearly 20 years

Jill has 2 investment properties and has trusted Red Rocket Realty to manage her properties for nearly 19 years. Every time Jill has dealt with Red Rocket Realty she has been so impressed with the professionalism and care shown towards her as well as her tenants.

finding the right agent

Finding the right agent is hard…

Kathy did not want to spend money on renovations or pay for advertising or have her home open to the public for inspections. When she met David from Red Rocket Realty she knew she had found the right agent for her. The house was sold quietly without a public auction for over $100,000 more than their neighbours house 3 doors down.

Flexible Property Management

Flexible Property Management

Jan has a unique situation where she only needs to find a tenant for 6 months of the year. After struggling to find a tenant with her old real estate agent she contacted Red Rocket Realty. For 3 year we have helped Jan find the right tenant for her situation. If you have a property you are trying to sell or lease then call Red Rocket because…

Sold Within 2 Weeks

Douglas has a terrible time trying to sell his house with another agent. It sat on the market for over 6 weeks and only had 3 inspections. When he had enough the other agency still wanted to charge him $748 without selling the house. That’s when Douglas contact Red Rocket Realty

Talks the Talk, And Walks the Walk

Peter & Denise were kind enough to share their experience of selling with Red Rocket Realty. They sold for more than the asking price and the home was sold really quickly. Please watch the video…

More than Just a Real Estate Agent

Jackie sold her home for $10,000 than she expected and a great experience with Red Rocket Realty. Jackie sums it up perfectly in saying ‘It’s quite clear to me that Amreen was more than just a real estate agent’.

Absolutely Blown Away

Colin sold his home for nearly $20,000 more than the asking price in less than a week thanks to the team at Red Rocket Realty. Watch this video and follow along with the extended story below.

Highest Quote and We still get more

Kellie put in a lot of effort early on interviewing 5 different before choosing Rajen from Red Rocket Realty. Rajen saw the value in her unique home which ended up selling for more than $50,000 more the other agents were expecting.

Looking out for MY interests

Jebran purchased an investment property through Red Rocket and then allowed the team to manage the property on his behalf. Jerban summed up the process perfectly by saying ‘It was very clear to me that Red Rocket Realty clearly cared about my interests and that they wanted me to make sure…

I think real estate agents are…

Anthony had a horrific experience trying to sell his investment property with two ‘big name’ local agents but then he met Sam from Red Rocket Realty and he was delighted in the outcome. The team at Red Rocket Realty was so impressive they now have a client for life.

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